10 Mobile Google Applications You Did Not Know About

It may safely be said that there are always a few Google applications on Android smartphone of any user. It is first of all Google Play, Google search, Google Maps, Google Music. Apart from these popular programs, there are many more, which are less known. This article is going to tell you about them.


It is one of the best photo editors for a mobile device. Uniqueness of Snapseed is about being able to do anything when it comes to graphics. At that, the interface of the program allows to do it even on devices with a small screen. Special mention should be made of smart algorithms for self-photo correction. It allows achieving an excellent result by clicking one button.

My Tracks

This application is for those who are fond of jogging, bicycles, tourism and other open-air kinds of activities. With the help of this application, you can record the history of changing your location and the main statistics on them: speed, distance, rising height. An ability to export tracks and a function of their reserve copying to Google Drive are important peculiarities of the utility.


This application is for fun and going to be liked by children in the first place. It is an educational kit of sorts by means of which one can put on different outfits onto a naked green robot who works as a logo for Android, pick a hair-do and color of skin, choose various postures, etc. The result can be saved on your device, share it with your friends or publish in a special gallery.

My Maps

If you need to create an interactive map of your city, for example a route of your future trip or tracks for bicycle ride, My Maps application will cope with the task easily. Pay attention to created maps to be available online on the page and also in Google Maps application.

Device Assist

Every power user against his/her will is to play a role of technical support for all relatives and friends. If you are sick of this mission, install this application. It presents an interactive manual of sorts with the help of which one can learn main work methods in Android operational system and even to remove some defects.

Google Gesture Search

This application will help you to find a content you were looking for by means of gestures drawn on the screen of your phone. After installation of Google Gesture Search, you are going to be suggested to choose which contents is to be indexed: programs, contacts, links, music tracks and so on. Then you can simply draw any letter on the screen of your cell phone and Google Gesture Search will momentarily find all the elements starting from this letter.

Chrome Remote Desktop

It is one of the simplest and convenient programs to get a remote assistance to your computer from a mobile device. To work with this application, a special extension should be installed for desktop version of Chrome browser. It does not matter what operational system you have at that, it can be either Windows, Mac or Linux. The main thing for a computer to be turned on and so there was access to the Internet.

Google Goggles

This program appeared quite some time ago but users keep on admiring with opportunities it provides with. It serves for quick information search on any object turning out to be in camera lens of your mobile device. Draw a bead of your smartphone on a picture and Google Goggles will tell an author, focus on code of any product and the application will tell you the name of the product and approximate price for it. It is able to resolve puzzles and crosswords!


It is a totally new program, which came out a secret laboratory Google Creative Lab. It is for installing onto a desktop some special interactive wallpapers, which demonstrate different important system indexes. You may set the way wallpapers look like from the outside by means of Meter and to choose what kind of information you are interested in: battery percentage, RAM usage, signal strength and so on.


Company Niantic is the author of this program was one of Google units up to August 2015. Ingress is a global project of augmented reality, is an international adventure game dozens of thousands of people play throughout the world. This brief item is unable to tell about all the twins and turns of the plot and highlight all the rules of Ingress. Hopefully, you enjoyed this little trip through Google applications either way!

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