A Review of Education

When we all think of education, we think of high paying jobs. But education means much more than having a hefty paycheck at the end of the month. When you think about whateducation actually means, it gives the definition that it is a method of learning and thinking about what one has learned. But have we done justice to the term Education?

The reason that we don’t think about other aspects of education is not our fault. It’s what the society has structured us to do. We grew up seeing parents telling us to be a doctor or an engineer. Hence our brain got in a tunnel vision. We do not see the world with an open eye. Students now go to school or college and byhearteverything that the teacher says.

Is Modern Education Depriving Students Of Creativity?

Even if the students want to answer a question creatively, it’s not possible as he/she won’t get marks until the answer fits the textbook definition. In essence, creativity and intuition are given the second seat to a student’s ability to by heart an answer.

Another matter that today’s students are missing out is classifications of education. The education you get at school or college can’t even comprehend the scope of education. There are mainly three typesof educations.

Formal education: this form of education is the one that we attain when we go to school or college. Here the student is taught skills and knowledge on how to excel in the field of science, commerce, and humanities.

Nonformaleducation: A student nonformaleducation doesn’t need an entity like school or college to gain knowledge. He/she can learn the trade skills that a student of formal education learns by unconventional methods. These methods include homeschooling, distant learning or other forms of education.

Informal education: This might be the most underrated form of education, but it this education that molds good human beings. It is the education that we learn from our parents or that we learn as kids about love, compassion, and basic life skills. It teaches about being a good human being that is missing in the above two education that we discussed.

What Does It Mean To Be Educated?

So education isn’t just a means of getting sound technical or practical knowledge about an entity or a subject. It’s about using what one has learned to help others around us. Basically, education is something that molds us to our best version.

If we look at modern education, we see segregation based on marks. Students are pitted each other to fight for marks and grades. When a student fails to do so, the social and economicpressures build on him/her to the depths of depression. It’s time that we switch gears and put forward the interests of a student first.

Many countries have realized this very point and have taken a step towards embracing and nurturing children rather than injecting meaningless competitiveness into their minds.

It Is High Time for a Different Approach


Let’s have a look at the countries who are taking a step in the right direction

Finland: Finland takes an unorthodox approach towards education. For starts, they don’t have elite schools. It is made mandatory in Finland to have every school maintain the same grade and no elite educational system are allowed. The basicedition is free of cost, and the children can be admitted to the school only after they are 7 years old.


UK: The United Kingdom sees waves of changes as schools began to realize how education n should be actually carried out. Now some schools in the UK start 25 minutes after the conventional timing; this has resulted in more attendence levels and student attention. Also,government-funded studio schools have started functioning which groups the students to do different projects rather than making them sit in a classroom. It paves thestudentsto learn while doing stuff.

China: Chinese students are taught math by using practical examples as opposed to blackboards. This means that the hate towards math is nearly non-existent in China. This is why Chinese students excel in math better than others.

Come 2018; theeducational systems are having their own review of education. We will be seeing more advancement made in the field of education that will push students to greater heights and convey the true meaning of education.


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