Buying the Right Lawn Tennis Racquet

Buying the Right Lawn Tennis Racquet:

  1. Knowing the Basic Features: A tennis racquet has 4 important attributes namely Length, Head, Grip and Strings.
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  3. Head Size: It refers to the actual strung area of a racquet. A smaller head size would mean greater control whereas a larger head size means a larger sweet spot area on your racquet. Though there is no industry standard for head size classification but a common classification would be as follows:
Classification Head Size(Square Inches)
Mid-Size 85 – 95
Mid Plus 96 – 105
Oversize 106 – 115
Super Oversize 116+


  1. Length of Racquet: The standard length of a tennis racquet range between 27 to 28 inches which gives the user required power and control on the court. Whereas racquets with length size more than 28 inches are also available in the market lasting up to 29 inches which is the legal limit for tournament play
  2. Weight:The weight of the racquet is directly related to the kind of control and power the user need. Following is the classification for the same:
Classification Weight(Ounce/Grams)
Power Racquet 7.5-9.8/225-280
Powerful Control Racquet 9.8-10.5/280-300
Beamed Control Racquet 10.5-12/300-340

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