Can a Student Change Their Major After Reaching the University?

Studying abroad in a reputed global education institute is a dream for many. The quality of education, abundance of opportunities, and the allure of a foreign land attract thousands of students to apply for overseas education. Different culture, different language, different style among many other things prove to be a steep learning experience for the students.

In foreign curricula, there is availability of a high degree of specialization in all fields ranging from Business Administration, Journalism, Economics, Language, Information Technology, Engineering, and Healthcare. The range and number of elective courses overseas in significantly higher than what is available in India. It is recommended that the student does some prior research on the course they have chosen and earmark what topics are available to choose within the syllabus.

But even after due diligence, the student may wish to change their major after they reach the university. Studies have shown that 50%-70% of undergraduate students change their majors at least once, and the majority change their majors at least three times. In an undergraduate course, the student may even change their major two years into their course of study, but it is suggested that the student take a decision regarding their major within one year. Changing the major too late would mean that it would take the student more time to graduate as every major has a requirement of a specific number of credits to earn. Changing majors may also incur additional tuition fees as every course has a different fee structure.

Although it is possible for the student to switch their majors even after reaching the university, they should take the decision in a timely manner to ensure graduation on time, and at no additional cost.

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