Finding the Ideal Accommodation for Your Study Abroad

Leaving the comforts of your own country and going to study in a completely alien country can be a daunting prospect for many. Different culture, different language, different style among many other things can prove to be a challenge for those who are not prepared. Among the most prominent challenges is finding good and safe accommodation in the foreign country.

Finalising accommodation plans can seem like a difficult task but there are facilities in place which make the student’s task easier. All universities generally have a range of accommodation options to choose from depending on a student’s preferences and budget. On-campus accommodation is usually made up of various buildings with single or shared rooms similar to an apartment building. Shared rooms or ‘dorms’ are very common in the United States of America.

It is to be noted that there is no guarantee that the student will definitely get on-campus accommodation. But in most cases, universities do set aside enough spaces in on-campus accommodation for first year international students.

A number of students choose to opt for off-campus accommodation. This can be a university-run residence hall with similar apartment blocks and shared facilities, or one which is run by a third party organisation, especially for international students. International students may also rent a house or flat from a third party agent or landlord, sharing with other batchmates; the university recommends reputable agents and landlords who have housed students before, and there may even be a housing fair on campus at some point in the year.

The faculty at XL Pathfinders has studied abroad themselves and are thus well versed with all the challenges associated with overseas education. Our expert counsellors work with each student individually and ensure that they are equipped with all the tools as they begin their global education.

Accommodation may seem like a key part as you begin your overseas education journey, but advance planning along with expert guidance makes everything seem easy.

Even then, it might take some time, a lot of time, to get used to the new surroundings, but if the student tries and makes the most of it, the overseas education will be well worth it! And with the ideal and safe accommodation every international student looks for.

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