Importance of English Medium Education

In this Article we are going to provide a lime light to the Importance of English Medium Education.Today most of the parents are in dilemma whether English Medium school should be preferred or should they take their child to Hindi or Regional Medium School. But you would have found a majority of people taking their child to English Medium Schools. Why?

There may be hundreds of Questions roaming in your mind related to such – What is the importance of English?

Why should we prefer English Medium School? If English language that much important? Can we switch medium in higher classes? Etc..

We have prepared this article considering your all such queries. Let’s start why English Medium School Education is important for your child.

Importance of English Medium Education in India

Official Language   

There are 6909 languages throughout the world and 22 official languages in India. Learning all such languages is not possible. English is widely spoken as an official language in large number of countries and therefore act as a common medium.  Many of us even do not that Hindi is not our national language, it’s mother tongue of India. More than half of the Indian Population can’t speak in Hindi Language.

English is considered as a common medium among people to communicate not just throughout the world but within India also. Hence, the Importance of English Medium Education comes into existence.

English is a Language of Computer

Yes, English is a language of Computer. Today, 80% of the news on the computer is feeded in English only. It is a language of Science, Internet, business, conversation, opportunity, knowledge etc. The scope in english has grown wide and becoming wider with the time.

This is the Importance of English Education, if you want to make your child learn through internet or want him to survive in this modern era, it has become very important to teach them english from the early childhood.

Strong English is an Asset

English has gain importance like a knowledge. Most of the European Population do not understand English but unfortunately Indian’s consider person speaking english fluently as an intelligent and knowledgeable person. Many of the MNC working in India made the English mandatory to communicate in their offices. Most of the companies taking interview prefer candidates speaking english fluently. So, learning english from the very childhood is an asset which makes you speak this language fluently. Rising usage of english in Commercial Sector has given rise to the Importance of English Education in India.

More Opportunities

As it is clear that English is a language of Internet, Science, business, opportunity etc. Hence the number of scope is also high in English Language. Today most of the marketing team works in an english language. Social networking sites, Govt websites everywhere english is prevailing so it has become crucial to learn English.

Early Knowledge helps grow better

When we start learning from the very childhood, we speak without any hesitation. The reason behind such is we don’t care about mistakes when we are kids and nobody use to make our fun. Rather they correct us, but with the passage of time we feel hesitation in speaking wrong words. So, it is better to start make your child speak english in the early age.

These are some of the reasons of growing Importance of English as a medium of Education and that is why you should prefer English Medium School for your child from the beginning. Many of the students are seen switching their medium in higher classes. But, in such situation students face difficulty in adjusting themselves with the other students. So, it’s better to give them right direction from the very beginning.

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