Keep These Tips in Mind When you Give Your IELTS

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standardized test that measures the test taker’s proficiency in English. It is a globally recognised test which is taken by students wishing to pursue overseas education, as well as by job seekers looking for employment abroad. IELTS exams are divided into two categories: IELTS Academic and IELTS General, with the former meant for students and the latter for all other test takers.

IELTS exams measure the candidate’s listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Overall and section specific scores are provided on bands ranging from 0-9. Different universities have different minimum requirements with a number of universities also laying down minimum score criteria in each of the sections as well.

But scoring high in an IELTS exam is not that difficult at all. Just keep these simple tips in mind to ace the IELTS:
Read: This simple act can make you learn new words every day without even realising.
Watch TV: Yes! Watch shows of countries like the US or UK to get a hang of the various accents and styles of English.
Grammar: Learn to grasp different connotations and contexts of phrases used in the English language through reading and analysing.
Speak: Try to get comfortable conversing in English to really get a thorough command over the language.
Practice: Enroll at a IELTS coaching centre and solve as many practice papers as you can.

The premier IELTS coaching centre in Delhi is at XL Pathfinders. The core training team at XL Pathfinders provides the best possible quality of preparation and guidance for the test takers. Having been through the demanding experience of taking the exam themselves, the faculty at XL are best placed to help the student excel and to meet the requirements of all universities and different countries. The USP of XL Pathfinders is the small batch size for IELTS coaching in Delhi, thereby ensuring the highest level of focus and unfettered guidance for each test taker. The experienced trainers at XL Pathfinders have helped test takers clear the exam with flying colours at the very first time of asking.

Ace the IELTS with these tips and XL Pathfinders!

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