private cloud computing vs public cloud computing

Cloud computing can be considered as a boon by the organizations that survive mostly due to their internet presence, and storage and backup services, it is used in almost all the places today most of the online services these days provide cloud backup. Public and private cloud both have their own set of benefits and are both used for the different purpose by any organization, in some places where public cloud doesn’t work private can be a better fit and vice versa let’s go through both of them.


Public Cloud

In a public cloud, the organization or the individual who has requested the cloud computing services doesn’t have to take care of data maintenance. The user’s data is stored at the service provider’s data center and the provider is one the who is accountable for the administration and maintenance of the data center and thereby your data. Most of the organization this type of cloud computing services as they reduce the time that testing and development of a project requires. A particular limitation that this cloud computing has is that is “public” and not best for confidential information of any kind. It is secure enough if you actually think about it but most of the companies prefer private cloud for classified information storage and maintenance. With a public cloud, a user only has to pay what has been used, and it provides a shared environment which is actually preferred by some organizations.


Private Cloud

A private cloud solution is present on company’s intranet or a hosted data center where all your data ( i.e whatever data you have chosen to store over the private cloud) is shielded behind a firewall. For companies who already own a data center, this would seem like a great choice as they can make use of their current infrastructure. Here the drawback would be the maintenance of all that data, it is something that has to be taken care by the company and is not the service providers responsibility. Over a period of time in order to maintain security and good performance, it’s expected that the servers are to be replaced, which is not affordable for everyone as it tends to get a little expensive. as the data center if basically owned by the company for most of the private cloud computing cases the security is stronger as the company doesn’t share the storage sauce with any other organization.  the performance of hardware, storage needs, and software specification can be customized as per the requirements of the users as it is dedicated to a single organization.

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