Ski Technique: Tips to Strengthen your Core Stability

Ski Technique: Tips to Strengthen your Core Stability Skiing is one of the wonderful winter sports in the world. The sport of skiing requires a higher level of strength and conditioning as compared to other sports. Skiing on the slopes means exercising with high intensity at higher altitudes in cold weather. It is much different from the exercise we do ...
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Weight: Most squash rackets weigh between 110 and 220g, with most players opting for a mid-weight racket weighing between 130 and 160g. Light rackets (less than 130g)- give you more control and allow you to feel the ball as it's hit. It also means you need to generate power for the shot, so a good level of technique and skill ...
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Buying the Right Lawn Tennis Racquet

Buying the Right Lawn Tennis Racquet: Knowing the Basic Features: A tennis racquet has 4 important attributes namely Length, Head, Grip and Strings. Head Size: It refers to the actual strung area of a racquet. A smaller head size would mean greater control whereas a larger head size means a larger sweet spot area on your racquet. Though there is ...
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