The Secret To Look Great in T-Shirts: Mens T-Shirts Styling Tips !

You can never go wrong with t-shirts. It’s simple, requires minimal styling decision and can be worn anywhere. But, is it really the truth? Even though shirts occupy a major part of your closet, still are you great with them? Often men admire their friends, celebrities or other fashion icons thinking how they can look so good in the same shirt- yes same shirt with better results! The trick lies in the secret that will be revealed here.

Before disclosing what the secret is, let’s know more about the basics of t-shirts for men and the aspects that should be taken into consideration when you buy them online.

Factors to Consider When You Get Mens T-Shirts Online

There are four important factors that you must consider before shopping for your brand new t-shirt and these are enlisted below:

  1. The Right Fit

Your fit decides how the shirt would appear on you. The shape of the shirt accentuates those masculine silhouettes- narrow waist and broader shoulders. No matter what your built might be, do make sure that you choose those options that bring out a masculine look. The catch is: the shirt has to look clean without being skin-tight.

Fortunately, most of the online stores come up with multiple sizing options based on different measurements. With this you can first measure the attributes i.e. waist, chest and shoulders and choose the one that will be a perfect match for you.

  1. Suitable Fabric

A common misconception that most of the people have is that the weight of the mens t-shirts determines its quality, yet the reality in far from that. In fact, shirts are lighter and usually made from 100% breathable cotton that look thinner, feel lighter and last longer. Besides, most of the reputable brands manufacture cotton blend shirts that come up added elasticity to maintain the shape and do not form creases too.

Some of the common fabrics that would come across are:

  • Organic Cotton: Just as the name suggests, this fabric is derived from cotton plants that are grown organically and have soft texture compared to its other variants. These are a bit expensive but are good if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

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  • Combed Cotton: This is what you see in most of the t-shirts, brushed fine cotton strands that are straightened to get rid of shorter strands and then brought together to form a masterpiece.


  • Jersey: The jersey is made from a blend of synthetic fibers and cotton and turns out to be stretchy and comfortable. This knit fabric is best for those hot and humid days of summer, where your skin gets to breathe easily.
  1. Reputable Brand

When sure about the size and fabric, know more about the brand and the kind of t-shirts for men that it offers. You can have a look at their collection dedicated to special seasons and see what their customers have to say about them. A good practice is to search for the type of shirt that you need, discover the brand and then gather optimal information about them. Online stores provide in-depth information about various brands, their achievements and quality assurance so that you can place your order with a peace of mind.

  1. Exclusive Designs

Most of the fashion labels feature innovative designs to their limited editions, so if you are up for that exclusive one then shop for the designs immediately as they go live, as these are often high on demand and run out of stock even before you know it. So, if a unique look is what you need then don’t forget to take an account of the fourth factor.

How To Wear Your T-Shirt in Style?

Now that you are aware of the factors that you should keep in your mind when you shop for men’s t-shirts online then next thing is to shed some light upon the secret to wear them in style.

The secret is “wear t-shits your way, the way that connects with you, keeps you comfortable and lets you speak through the outfit.” To achieve this there are only two questions that you need to address.

Should you tuck the t-shirt?

Well, no! But, when the shirt is part of a uniform or formal wear then you ought to tuck it into the trousers. Based on the shape of shirt and the occasion, you can go for a tucked-tee too. These work best with short sleeve polo t-shirts and trousers.
                                                          Polo T-shirts

What accessories to wear with t-shirt?

Move with the flow and take inspiration from celebrity stylists or other ideas that have been in trend. Even a pair of classic t-shirts, with denims and shoes can do the trick. This happens to be one of the effortless and understated look. Further, go with checked shirt, cardigans, jackets or other elements that you prefer.

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