What are the Differences Between Studying Abroad and an Exchange Program?

A lot students dream of studying abroad. The quality of education, abundance of opportunities, and the allure of a foreign land attract thousands of students to apply for overseas education.

Students, however, continue to have misconceptions about studying abroad. Many consider an exchange program to be at par with an overseas education. But the two are very different things.

The main difference between exchange and study abroad is that exchange students do not pay tuition fees to the exchange institution, while study abroad students pay tuition fees to the host university. This is because exchange students do not actually enrol in the foreign university, and continue to be affiliated with their home university; thus, paying tuition fee for their university back home only. Study abroad students, on the other hand, are enrolled in the foreign university and incur all the related expenses.

Enrolling in an exchange program might also delay the student’s graduation depending on the time frame as universities require a set number of credits to be completed from the home university only.

Exchange program students often do not get access to all the resources of their study abroad university as they stay there only for a short period of time.

A distinct advantage in exchange programs is that the students gets a lot of support. Facilities like housing, visa, travel, etc. are often provided by or assisted by the home university. The course in an exchange program is also incredibly focussed and specific, as opposed to a more comprehensive and all-encompassing syllabus in a regular study abroad program.

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