When to Start Planning For Studying Abroad?

A lot students dream of studying abroad. A higher education from a top university of the United States or United Kingdom among others is highly sought after. High degree of specialisation, diverse culture, and favourable career prospects make study abroad prospects highly enticing.

But applying to study abroad can be a cumbersome process. Choosing the right university from a pool of reputed institutions can be a challenging task in itself. Once the colleges are shortlisted, their admission requirements need to be kept in mind as different colleges may lay down different conditions. Then, preparing and obtaining a competitive score in a standardised test can be an ordeal. Even if the exam is cleared with flying colours, visa requirements, and funding may pose a roadblock. It is clear the process demands planning, a lot of planning.

A time period of one year is generally sufficient for the student to be able to put up a strong application. For instance: if you are targeting the September 2018 intake, the planning for your study abroad should begin by September 2017. Within the course of the year, the student needs identify the colleges and courses to be applied to, needs to give the GRE/GMAT, as the case may be, give a language exam like the IELTS/TOEFL, prepare a statement of purpose, get recommendation letters, prepare for the interviews, and prepare the necessary documentation and funds.

It may sound challenging, but study abroad consultants deal with these challenges on a daily basis and assist the student in putting their best foot forward, with all the necessary information.

XL Pathfinders are premier overseas education consultants in Delhi. We strive to solve any problem a student might face while applying for a global education. Our team focuses on providing one-to-one counseling, world class coaching, and actively assists in the college shortlisting and application procedure. XL Pathfinders goes one step further by helping make the visa procedure less cumbersome for the applicants. At XL Pathfinders, we believe in a student’s first approach- by being with them from the minute they step into our office till they depart to fulfill their global education dreams. Our process has allowed for XL Pathfinders to be touted as one of the best study abroad consultants in Delhi.

We help you plan in advance and in the best manner possible for your overseas education.

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