Why Should I Study in USA?

The highest number of international students in the world choose to study in the United States of America. And for good reason. The US is well renowned for high quality education and an abundance of job prospects post graduation.

An opportunity to study abroad in USA is revered by students across the globe as the country is home to 6 of the top 10 colleges in the world. Furthermore, 40 of the top 100 colleges in the world are also American.

US universities have a reputation like no other, answering the question: why study in USA. What sets them apart is their diversity; if one chooses to study abroad in USA, they will be exposed not just to the major they have chosen, but will also be educated in liberal arts. This opens up even more opportunities for the student. Studying in the USA also provides a high degree of specialization in the student’s chosen field.

Studying in the US opens up a whole host of opportunities as quality education is available in all fields ranging from Business Administration, Journalism, Economics, Language, Information Technology, Engineering, and Healthcare. Every year, thousands of students from India get accepted into the top universities in USA.

Post completion of study, many students delve into the US job market. International students usually need the employer to sponsor their work visa. Due to this reason, some companies abstain from hiring international students as it increases cost for the company. But if the student has the desired qualifications, aptitude to learn, and adds value to the organisation, companies are willing to go the extra mile to hire the student.

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